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        有愛就有希望 For Love, Hope and Giving

        The AiXin Foundation is committed to improving basic education and public health in impoverished areas of China; supporting capacity-building and development of non-profit organizations; and promoting cultural exchanges between China and the United States. The AiXin Foundation helps friends caring about China at home and abroad to accomplish their wishes and deliver their love and caring. May each person can do their part to participate in and support the development and progress of Chinese society.

        Make good use of each donation. The program helps students complete their studying and pass on love.
        Support Diet Education Promotion Plan, mental health pilot project, and Health Promotion and Development of Rural Women's Families and Communities.
        Support domestic non-profit organizations in the fields of health, education and environmental protection to enhance the capacity-building of non-profit organizations and assist them to grow and develop.
        The Building Bridges US-China Youth Culture Exchange Program promotes the communication and understanding between the young people in China and the United States. The AiXin Column helps friends in overseas to learn more about China at grass-roots level.
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